Family Fun
Offering free admission for youth 18 and under, the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM) is a fun place for a family outing. Before arriving at the Museum, visit our events calendar and learn more about weekly drop-in art making, anytime ARTpacks, Preschool Gallery Hour, and Family Tours.

Exploring Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art is a great way to engage kids on a museum visit. Children, often captivated by the colors, shapes, and lines found in modern art, will have plenty to discover in this exhibition, which showcases sixty-two artworks from SFMOMA’s collection. Here are some resources to help your family enjoy the artwork from Beyond Belief at home or at the museum. Enjoy looking together!
Games and Activities for Kids

Get Creative
Games and activities that explore how looking at art, and the world around us, can open our mind to new experiences and ideas. Play Exploration Bingo, create an art-inspired poem or story, or make a drawing using shape and color to create a mood or feeling.
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Action Jackson, by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan

Books for kids
These books can help you and your family explore modern art and artists.
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Exploring the Gallery

Discussion Questions

  • What stands out to you about this piece?
  • How do the materials the artist selected impact your understanding of the piece?
  • What associations do you have with light bulbs? What might they represent in this artwork?
  • This artwork has been interpreted as a memorial to the artist’s partner. Compare this work to other memorials you’ve seen. How is it similar or different? In what ways have you memorialized people you’ve lost?

Classroom Activities

  • Research and compare memorials (Maya Lin, Christian Boltanski, yartzheit candles)
  • Design your own memorial—what materials would you use? What would they symbolize?
  • This could be understood as a memorial, how else could you understand the piece?

How to explore the gallery
Try these fun activities while looking at the artwork in Beyond Belief. Let your children choose what interests them and don’t worry about seeing everything. Even stopping at one or two artworks can have a big impact.
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